Welcome to Leeds Jitsu!

Leeds Jitsu is part of The Jitsu Foundation an organisation with clubs all over the UK (and beyond). All clubs in the Jitsu Foundation practice a style of Jiu Jitsu called Shorinjikan Jiu Jitsu and is most commonly referred to simply as Jitsu.

We’re made up of two clubs: Leeds “Town” Jitsu Club and Leeds University Union (LUU) Jitsu Club. Both clubs train regularly and beginners are welcome at any time. For the training times for each club see the timetable.

If you want more info about any events just contact us and we’ll get back to you. One big piece of news is that LUU Jitsu Club won The Jitsu Foundation Club of the Year at the 2013 Summer Ball!

Hope to see you at a session soon. Remember, your first session is completely free!!!